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Encourage the newcomers :)

Sometimes people ask me about the way to become a producer, mixer, remixer and DJ with impact. As I started with DJing, it was never a money-maker-thing. First thing is to have respect and love the music and the artists, second thing is to train and refine your skills, third thing is: get practice. Never expect to be able to do all this in passing. I was also booed at the beginning, usually all musicians and DJs made these experiences. If you keep your track, believe me: experiences make you harder and bring insights! Not to forget: when you play live gigs, you must be entertainer and performer! :) … and when you are able to set your audience on fire, after a while event organizers will put out money. By the way after a longer pause due to familiar reasons I played one year completely without gage on locations. That was my investment to bring my name back on stage. Now I got a full schedule for nearly 1,5 years without any booking agent. Need I say more? I do not want to brag. I want to encourage you not to give up, because it’s worth it. Pick your experiences as your teaching material. Amen … :D … and now back to the decks.


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